Suriname: FAI receives financial support

The government will give a financial injection of more than SRD 5 million to Food and Agriculture Industries NV (FAI). This was decided within the Council of Ministers meeting (RVM) on 21 July under the leadership of Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk. It concerns a loan that is borne by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (LVV) and is solely intended to increase purchasing power for the 1063 FAI staff.

LVV minister Parmanand Sewdien indicated that the wages and salaries of the FAI staff, who are in a weak financial position, have not been adjusted in the recent period, the Public Communications Directorate reports. The company is now in the process of relaunching to lay the groundwork for increasing commercial activity, rendering it unable to implement wage and salary adjustments.

An appeal has therefore been made to the Ministry of LVV. The government benefits from the fact that there is peace within this company, so that the implementation of the emergency plan can be implemented steadily.


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