Bahamas: ABOUT TIME: New building permit system praised as “game changer” but architect laments it took so long

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Institute of Bahamian Architects (IBA) President Gustavus Ferguson said yesterday that the Electronic Permit Review and Inspection System (EPRIS) can be a “game changer” and help boost economic activity.

However, he lamented that this nation was “far behind” its regional counterparts in implementing such a system.

“It certainly can be a game changer. We have expressed that sentiment on numerous occasions over the years,” said Ferguson.

“This is something we have been agitating for two decades. We look forward to its implementation. When it is launched, you will see us celebrate.

“We could have been ahead of the game in terms of our regional counterparts and could have been one of the first countries regionally to implement such a system. Right now, we are behind our counterparts.

“We should have seen an uptick in projects coming to fruition. We have had many projects designed, gone through feasibility studies and submitted for approval, only to end there.”

Ferguson noted that architects have also called for third party inspections to allow industry professionals within the private sector to review drawings for approval and provide inspections during construction. He said there have also been recommendations to expedite applications where environmental and other approvals are already in place.


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