Trinidad & Tobago: Umar Abdullah on 1990 anniversary: There is room for healing in TT

Activist Umar Abdullah says Trinidad and Tobago has come a long way since the 1990 attempted coup and was pleased that the nation appeared to be on a path to recovery since the insurrection 31 years ago.

Speaking with reporters after a march for “transparency” to the Red House on Tuesday afternoon, Abdullah said while conditions have improved, there was still room for healing in the country.

“What’s very significant about this walk was that 31 years ago in this country we saw the devastation of our capital city and the loss of lives of many and that would have been an act of violence.

“Thirty one years later, a man in Muslim garb was able to walk to the very said Red House and deliver a letter asking for dialogue and asking for a peaceful confrontation this is very significant as we were able to work together with the police to get this task completed.


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