Dominican Republic: Trial for former Santiago City Council official accused of embezzlement

SANTIAGO. – The First Court of Instruction of this judicial district decided to send to the trial of substance the case followed against René Guzmán Corporán, former director of Human Resources of the local City Council, accused of millionaire embezzlement to the detriment of the municipal government.

Judge Yeritza Cabral accepted as good and valid the evidence that lawyers Jesus Mendez and Fernando Ramirez, representatives of the cabildo of Santiago, deposited through the Public Ministry, represented by Judge Danioska Garcia, as reported on Wednesday by local authorities through a note.

They recalled that it was due to a public complaint by Mayor Abel Martinez that the population learned of Guzman Corporán’s commission of malicious acts in the human resources department of the cabildo, which resulted in the irregular management of municipal resources. He indicated that this complaint was demonstrated by the evidence presented by the cabildo on the same day of the complaint.

They explained that, on that occasion, the Mayor’s Office summoned the national press and disclosed the alleged irregularities committed by the official who was immediately removed from office and brought to justice for the actions and fled abroad, from where he was requested for extradition and upon his arrival in the country voluntarily in March 2018, was arrested.


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