Trinidad & Tobago: PDP wants international observers for THA election

Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) political leader Watson Duke says the party is seeking international observers for the upcoming THA election.

At the post-Cabinet news conference last Thursday, the Prime Minister announced Cabinet had approved the proclamation of the THA (Amendment) Act, which paves the way for a fresh election with 15 seats to break the six-six deadlock in the assembly.

Duke, who was asked about the upcoming election in an interview with a US-based radio station on Sunday, said, “We are asking for that and we intend to write for that as soon as we have the seats declared.

“There are now 12 seats and they are going to begin the work on an additional three seats.”

He added: “So once those seats are in – because from those three seats we are now heading to election – so we will write for international observers.”


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