These incredibly useful Android shortcuts will change how you use your phone

Time-savers are some of tech’s sweetest treasures. Few things are as geekily satisfying as finding faster ways to get stuff done—and few places are as rich with step-slashing shortcuts as Google’s Android platform.

Google loves sneaking shortcuts into its software, and Android might be the greatest example of all. The operating system and the Google-made apps around it are absolutely overflowing with invisible efficiency enhancers, and once you know how to tap into them, you’ll never look at your phone the same way again.

Android has so many underused shortcuts, in fact, that I decided to create an entire e-course around them. My new Android Shortcut Supercourse is an exhaustive journey through the platform’s best and most broadly overlooked time-saving tricks, and it’s free and open for enrollment as of this moment.

Here, I wanted to share a handful of highlights and give you a taste of all the treasures just waiting to be found. So grab the nearest shovel and get ready to dig deep. It’s time to do some serious exploring.


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