Suriname: World Bank willing to support Suriname with implementation of Recovery Plan

The World Bank is prepared to support Suriname with the implementation of the Recovery Plan. The World Bank is also willing to help the country with the preparations.

The amount the bank will receive will still be announced. This is the result of the virtual mission of the international bank from 19 to 23 July. This mission, held virtually due to the COVID situation, concluded with an evaluation meeting with the Minister of Finance and Planning, Armand Achaibersing, and his team.

The mission had a dual purpose. First, the World Bank wanted to get a good picture of the current macroeconomic and fiscal situation and prospects, as well as the progress of the Recovery Plan. Second, the aim was to identify relevant policy areas that could be supported by the World Bank. The support will be provided through a so-called Development Policy Loans (loans for development policy). Such loans are provided to carry out reforms within the policy and the financing is in the form of budget support.


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