Jamaica: Three strikes and you’re out! – Traffic chief wants vehicle forfeiture power against repeat offenders

Rogue transport operators whose unlicensed vehicles have had to be seized multiple times by the police should have their property forfeited to the State.

That’s a recommendation by Senior Superintendent of Police Gary McKenzie, head of the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch that oversees traffic and public order.

The traffic chief is minded to have a three-strikes-and-you’re-out law against repeat offenders.

“We can’t have vehicles being seized one, two, three up to seven times and the owners or operators don’t have any intention of regularising them, and it’s out there every day operating. It can’t be like that,” McKenzie emphasised.

He said the Ministry of Transport has now made the granting of PPV licences more efficient, including undertaking issuance in the regions where stakeholders operate.


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