Suriname: Minister Levens emphasizes: “Only follow messages from MinOWC”

School leaders and teachers have been asked to only listen to the authorities and follow the messages of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (MinOWC) via the website or the official Facebook page of the department. In this way they stay abreast of developments affecting education. MinOWC minister Marie Levens emphasized this on 22 July in the National Assembly (DNA), where the minister addressed questions from parliament relating to education.

In the past period, many messages have been shared via various social media platforms, among other things, which have caused some confusion. The COVID-19 situation in schools is a concern for most parents, carers, teachers and school leaders. The departmental leadership is aware of these concerns and makes decisions regarding COVID-19 in consultation with director Radjesh Orie of the Bureau of Public Health (BOG) and the leadership of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT), led by Minister Amar Ramadhin. of Public Health.

Minister Levens informed the people’s representatives that the protocols regarding COVID-19 are known to the school leaders. School leaders also know which company to contact for decontamination work. The protocols are also clear when a teacher is infected, the minister emphasized. “The teacher must isolate himself and colleagues who have had contact must be quarantined,” said the minister. According to Minister Levens, Doctor Orie has explicitly indicated that the schools do not have to be closed.


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