Jamaica: Interest in First Rock Capital should have been declared ‘up front’ – Bruce Golding

Bruce Golding, chairman of First Rock Global Barbados, said it would have been “proper” for Fay Hutchinson to disclose to the Airports Authority of Jamaica (AAJ) her interests in First Rock Capital Holdings in which the state entity questionably invested $443 million.

It adds to growing pressure on the Holness administration that anti-corruption advocates and the Opposition are calling on to remove implicated board members and hold the Audley Deidrick-led AAJ management accountable for the investment, which broke the law.

Hutchinson did not tell the AAJ, on whose board she has sat since 2016, that in 2020, she became a director of the company in which she is also a shareholder. She is now the AAJ’s board chairperson

Golding, a former prime minister, argued that Hutchinson’s disclosure would have been significant even as he noted that Jamaica “is a small society and the lines of interest will, from time to time, intersect”.


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