This company is building a carbon calculator for every product in the world

Look at your feet. (I’m going to assume you’re wearing shoes.) Do you have any idea how good or bad those shoes are for the environment? Or did you pick them for their color, comfort, or style?

The truth is, beyond obviously terrible choices, such as single-use plastic bags, most of us have no clue how good or bad most products are for the environment, and with few exceptions, there’s no easy way to find out.

A new startup out of France called Carbonfact wants to change this by building a one-stop website where you can look up the carbon impact of any product. For its launch, the company is starting small, by allowing you to look up the carbon impact of your sneakers, ranging from icons like Nike Air Force 1s to many boutique-branded shoes out of France and Spain.

“Our vision here is that CO2 will be super, super important for every retailer … and brands and marketplaces will need a technological player to display the carbon footprints massively on a large number of products,” says cofounder and CEO Marc Laurent. “They won’t be able to do it by themselves, because you want an impartial judge and trusted third party to conduct the analysis.”


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