Suriname: Prices for medicines will be adjusted soon

The prices for medicines will soon be adjusted due to the price development, says Amar Randjitsing, director of the State Health Fund (SZF). The SZF is engaged in discussions with the Association of Pharmacists in Suriname (VvA) about the adjustments to the prices of medicines.

Randjitsing indicates that the prices of medicines are now based on a rate for the SRD that has long been outdated. The rate for the SRD is already 21 to the dollar and the medicines are bought on the basis of this new rate.

“We are still negotiating with the VvA to come to a concrete adjustment. I am convinced that we will certainly come to a good comparison with the VvA. The current course no longer applies,” the SZF director said.

Negotiations about the new prices with the VvA are going well. “We do not raise prices on the medicines. That’s what pharmacies do and paying more for medicines often has to do with the price,” says Jane Harkisoen, medical director at the SZF. The one who buys and sells the medication is still the pharmacy,” Harkisoen briefly remarks.


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