Dominican Republic: Banco Popular Dominicano chosen as the best company to work for

Banco Popular Dominicano was chosen as the best company to work for by Mercado magazine, highlighting the bank’s ability to implement successful human management strategies and meet the needs of its employees amid the challenge posed by COVID-19.

In its July issue, the business magazine highlights how, in return, Banco Popular’s extensive network of employees exhibited an extraordinary commitment, which allowed the bank, despite the health situation, to overcome human, logistical, and operational challenges, maintain a constant pace of activity, innovate, demonstrate its commitment to society and its organizational resilience.

This is the ninth consecutive time Popular holds the first position of this classification made fourteen uninterrupted times. For this opportunity, only 100 companies in the country have been considered.

El Popular leads the number of jobs in private equity financial intermediation entities with a workforce that exceeds 7,300 employees, whose satisfaction index is 93.78% and has received more than 511,940 hours of training, according to the indicators reviewed by Mercado magazine, which positively weights the efforts in gender equity made by the bank.


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