Trinidad & Tobago: Gopeesingh slams health minister’s statements on COVID-19 death toll

Former Government Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh has criticised statements made by Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh regarding the country’s COVID-19 death toll.

On Tuesday, Trinidad and Tobago’s death toll hit the 1,000 mark.

According to a newspaper report, Deyalsingh said “there is nothing we could have said to have done better or differently.”

He added: “So some good could come out of this if those who are diabetics take better care of themselves so they don’t become statistics for other pandemics.”

In a statement, Gopeesingh described the health minister’s statement as ” abominable, callous and unacceptable.”

He said: “For a health minister to react in such a cold, remorseless manner to the historic, preventable loss of lives of so many citizens and the immeasurable grief and suffering of their families is simply incredible! Where then, is Deyalsingh’s humanity and compassion for his fellow citizens, to whom he has taken a sacred Constitutional oath to serve as a public servant paid by taxpayers of this country?”

Gopeesingh claimed the deaths could have been prevented. However, he said the government failed to address several issues.


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