Suriname: BZV and Bazo insured SZF have to pay extra for medicines

Persons who have Bazo or BZV insurance have to pay extra when collecting the prescribed medication from the pharmacies. Patients have been confronted with this for some time now. A patient complains to Suriname Herald. She says that she has had to pay money for the medicines a few times.

“I was told that I have to pay extra for cough syrups and stomach tablets, while I did not have to pay for this before. I had to pay SRD 10 extra for the cough medicine and SRD 35 had to be paid for the stomach tablets. When asked what the reason was you will be referred to the SZF,” indicates a concerned patient.

Amar Randjitsing, director at the State Health Insurance Fund (SZF), says he is not aware of this, because patients do not have to pay extra for medicines that are prescribed and appear in the national drug index.

“The mentioned medicines are included in the national medicines index, so the normal quantities are reimbursed by the SZF. However, if the price of the medicine is higher than the price from the medicine leaflet, the pharmacy must apply for a price exemption. approved, the SZF, Bazo or BZV insured will receive the medicine without additional payment,” he explains.


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