Suriname: Skipped families still receive emergency aid packages

More than 150 residents of the Flora, Weg naar Zee and Good Expectation neighborhoods in Paramaribo, Tout Lui Faut and Hanna’s Lust in the Wanica district have been provided with emergency aid packages by the Unity Bureau. They have not received a package before, because they were not at home or were not registered. These people have subsequently registered on the Facebook page of the organization.

The children’s homes Elim van de Heer and Nos Kasita and Huize Ashiana received a batch of emergency aid packages on Sunday. Shaquille van Throo, Project Coordinator of Bureau Eenheid, says that during the process in the various neighborhoods many people were skipped for various reasons.

“Others were not at home at the time of distribution or did not know that the distribution team was in their area. We also encountered many people who were not registered, but really wanted a package,” says Van Throo. The organization has compiled a list of missing households that still wish to qualify.

The coordinator explains that many people have made a request on the Facebook page of Bureau Eenheid to be considered for a package. “We have made a selection of these and we have included it in our database together with the people on the miss list. The registration is now officially closed, because we cannot continue indefinitely,” says Van Throo.


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