NYC: Potato chip bag tactic used on stab victim was a first for NYPD’s ‘MacGyver’

The NYPD’s own “MacGyver,” who saved a stabbing victim in Harlem with a potato chip bag and duct tape, had never even tried the unconventional tactic before, he admitted Tuesday.

Officer Ronald Kennedy told reporters he relied on his prior EMT experience earlier this month to stabilize the potentially fatal wound of a 29-year-old — who had been stabbed in the right side of his chest below his nipple — as they waited for medics.

“We requested a bag of potato chips and some tape, ’cause we knew right away that we needed to seal the chest, ” the officer said at a press conference. “There was a puncture wound there … we didn’t want the air going in it, collapsing his lung.”

“I was looking specifically for the size — that size bag, squared edges, um, and that type of material that wouldn’t allow air to pass through,” Kennedy said.

It was the cop’s split-second decision that doctors said made all the difference in the shocking July 7 incident, all of which was captured on his body camera.

“It worked out really well,” Kennedy added.


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