Haiti: Haiti’s newly-named Prime Minister now in charge, announces new government

In an abrupt turn of events Monday, Haiti’s interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph ceded power to the permanent Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, named just two days before President Jovenel Moïse’s assassination. Through a decree published late Monday in Le Moniteur, the Haitian government’s official newspaper, Henry then swiftly announced his government.

The announcement brings an end to the power struggle between Haitian politicians to rule Haiti in the wake of Moïse July 7 assassination. Joseph, who has served the dual roles of minister of foreign affairs and acting prime minister, said he had stepped down “for the good of the country.” He had assumed leadership of Haiti hours after Moïse’s death, but Henry quickly challenged his authority.

Two days before Moïse’s brutal killing, the president had declared Henry as the new prime minister. Henry, a neurosurgeon, was meant to be sworn last week. 

Henry, who has kept Joseph as his government’s foreign minister, will rule Haiti until a new president is elected, according to the decree.

The international community, mainly the United Nations, factored heavily in Joseph’s decision to step down as prime minister in the latest twist for government control in Haiti, sources close to all parties told The Haitian Times. 


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