Bahamas: REGISTRATION RUSH: Scores of voters flock to NP centers in dash to register for election

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Droves of eligible voters rushed to registration sites across New Providence yesterday amid heightened suggestions of an early election.

Both the prime minister and leader of the opposition have called for Bahamians to register in the shortest possible time.

There were long lines of a mixture of first-time voters and those seeking to transfer locations at the Parliamentary Registration Department (PRD) on Farrington Road, the General Post Office and the Carmichael Road Post Office, among others, with some residents spending hours lined up.

First-time voter Ariyah Knowles, 19, said while she wanted to ensure she completed the registration process, she had no intention of voting in the next general election due to what she called a lack of confidence in the existing political parties.

“I heard it was the last day to do it, so I wanted to get it out of the way,” she told Eyewitness News.

Asked if she planned to vote, she said: “Honestly, probably not.

“I just feel like both parties aren’t really doing anything to really change the country, so it’s like why go out of my way to vote for a party that I am not really confident about, you know.”

Ricardo Meadows, who was registering at the General Post Office, said he wanted to make sure he did not “get leave out”.


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