Bahamas: ATTEMPTED SABOTAGE?: DNA leader claims assault accusations have “sinister” origin

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Leader Arinthia Komolafe claimed yesterday that the two party members who alleged they were physically attacked during an internal party meeting earlier this month have misled the public to serve a more “sinister” interest.

“There is something more sinister to this,” said Komolafe, who appeared as a guest on “The Hit Back” with host Nahaja Black.

“These persons are being paid. There is something more sinister to this to create this impression.

“I am also saying to the individual who is paying these persons, because I will start calling names, that they have to have these individuals please stand down and I say this allegedly and I only say this allegedly for legal purposes.

“Have these persons stand down or the DNA will start to reveal names and the evidence of the information that it has.”

The DNA leader said while the party has decided to move on in peace, the individuals in question appear intent on their agenda.


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