Suriname: Parts of the interior are under water again; commissariat has no resources

Parts of the interior are currently empty again. The water in the Tapanahony River has risen considerably again, as a result of which villages have been flooded again. District commissioner (dc) of the district, Henk Deel, indicates in conversation with Suriname Herald that the water surprised him and the residents. According to the mayor, the Tapanahony resort has been hit hardest by the extreme water levels of recent months.

Some villages such as Sambedoemi and Luabi are now under water again. The village of Tepu has also been hit by the high water. The strategy is aimed at increasing people’s resilience to this recurring situation. Where possible, help is offered in the form of food. The working method is that the National Disaster Management Coordination Center (NCCR) determines when there is a need to come in with help.

“The commissioners do not have the resources to offer assistance to the residents who live in the flooded areas. There is also no money to go there. A flight there costs more than SRD 50,000 and we do not have that,” says Part.

Chief Captain, John Lesina, who is part of the cabinet of Granman Bono Velantie, is concerned about the situation in the interior. He says that the teachers’ houses are flooded again. Lesina says the situation is not yet alarming to evacuate people, but we will continue to keep an eye on it. The school in Goninikrikimofo was also full of water again.


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