Jamaica: Special operation branch to be established in St James

Commissioner of Police, Major General Antony Anderson, has informed that there are plans to establish a Specialised Operations branch in St James, to help curb crime and violence in the parish.

“Earlier on, that was part of the plan, it got interrupted because of COVID-19, but that has to come back on the table. It is the process of getting perhaps 200 to 250 specially trained police officers like [those] in Kingston…that can respond very rapidly to ongoing situations and locating them up in Montego Hills [in St James], right in the middle of the problem,” Anderson explained.

The Commissioner was addressing the official opening of the new Mount Salem Police Station, in St. James, recently.

“The design and scope of that plan is one that allows for shared facilities with a community and creating a safe space for the community. As part of the development of St. James and the security around that development, it’s really a critical component of it,” he outlined.


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