These industries are being impacted most by the Great Resignation

Whether you call it the Great Resignation, the big quit, or the turnover tsunami, a lot of people are leaving (or at least thinking about leaving) their jobs. While every sector is being hit, some are suffering greater losses than others.

“We’re seeing white-collar and blue-collar jobs being impacted,” says Jessica Schaeffer, vice president of LaSalle Network, a staffing and recruiting firm. “There’s a mass exodus from many industries and roles.”

These are the hardest hit:


Retail hospitality struggling to find talent, says Schaeffer. “Many were put on the front lines during COVID and weren’t getting benefits or a ton of money,” she says. “They worked long hours and their perspective has changed.”

Arran Stewart, co-founder of, a job search site, agrees and says this industry is suffering the greatest losses. “A lot of people are blaming burnout in this scenario, but I don’t believe that’s the case,” he adds.


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