Suriname: Building and construction laws are being adjusted

The building and construction laws will be amended shortly. The Ministry of Public Works (OW) recently gave the go-ahead for this. Rules that have been in force in the country for years also need to be adjusted. OW minister Riad Nurmohamed has asked the sector consisting of stakeholders, contractors and engineers to lend a hand. Stakeholders have three months to make their ideas known. “The aim is to bring the amendments to the law to the attention of parliament in the coming year,” says the OW minister.

Nurmohamed argued that housing laws, including apartment laws, building laws, and real estate laws will be amended. Both the funds and the apartment right will be reviewed again. In a second phase, the Public Procurement Act, the UWS and the AWS as well as laws for companies and professions will also be discussed.

Rules for architects, contractors and engineers, who are allowed and who are not and what they must all comply with, will be revised. Attention will also be paid to bachelor graduates who wish to be placed in a certain position and to what extent this is possible. All these rules and laws will be carefully studied and considered.


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