Suriname: Four men arrested in Nickerie for people smuggling

The police of the Nickerie bureau arrested four suspects on Tuesday. Two suspects, the 62-year-old boat owner BD and the 31-year-old taxi driver MA, are suspected of having committed human smuggling. The other two, CN (23) and CD (21), are two illegal Guyanese who have been arrested on suspicion of violation of the Aliens Act.

This foursome could be handcuffed when the police of the Corantijn bureau were on patrol during the lockdown on Monday evening 12 July. On the Parsram Soekhoeweg, which is known as one of the frequently used routes for illegal practices, law enforcement officers spotted a passenger car coming from the opposite direction. Upon seeing the police vehicle, the driver turned the car and drove away.

The police officers found this suspicious and gave chase. The car stopped at the address of the boat owner BD, where it turned out that the taxi driver MA was driving the vehicle. MA, who is an old acquaintance of the police, was transporting the two illegal Guyanese at the time. The police investigation revealed that the two Guyanese intended to make the illegal crossing from the Nannis lock to neighboring Guyana.


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