Suriname: Peaceful out of fierce criticism of Santokhi government

Assembly member Jennifer Vreedzaam has strongly criticized the Santokhi government during a press conference in Ocer. The NDP assembly member did not give a damn about President Chan Santokhi’s policy. She says the government has revenue, but wondered where the money goes. The government has money, more than the previous government. But the question is where the money goes, says Vreedzaam.

The money doesn’t even go to public health. She says the money is going to first lady Mellisa Santokhi. The money goes to all those places the first lady goes. Peacefully wondered how many trips the first lady has already made to other countries without us knowing.

Covered form of corruption
She denounces the purchase of the new cars by the government. If the quote hadn’t been leaked, people wouldn’t know. That the president says there will be an investigation, but Peaceful speaks of corruption in the tenders. She calls this a covert form of corruption. Public health quotes are also wrong. That quotes are too high, says Vreedzaam.

She wonders why ministers have to travel, when there are now other possibilities to participate in meetings. Peaceful also cites payouts to “boyfriends” who have done work for the state. They are favored when it comes to payment by the state. She also mentions the increase to the judiciary. “So a government ab a moni. Government, a moni de. But a public health e neglect”.


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