Suriname: Minister Pokie resigns

Land Policy and Forest Management (GBB) Minister Diana Pokie submitted her letter of resignation to President Chan Santokhi yesterday. The letter is currently being processed. It is up to the president who must accept the resignation and indicate when it will take effect, an ABOP top man told Suriname Herald. She is expected to receive her resignation after July 16.

Despite administrative errors that have been made, the ABOP would like to see Pokie get a ‘soft landing’, the topper says.

Within the party, four candidates have already been put forward to fill the open post. One of these is Dinotha Vorswijk, who is currently a parliamentarian and ABOP faction leader. The candidates are supported by the supporters.

ABOP vice president Marinus Cambiel says Pokie’s resignation is a matter for the president. He makes it clear that the ABOP cannot put pressure on the president. “He is the president of the country, how can you put pressure on a president?” he wonders.

The ABOP is part of the government and has a partnership. Agreements have also been made when parties enter into a partnership, says Cambiel.


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