Dominican Republic: Minimum wage increases by 24% average; these are the new wages

The National Wage Committee announced this afternoon an increase in the minimum wage.

The announcement was made by the Minister of Labor, Luis Miguel De Camps, at a ceremony attended by Dominican President Luis Abinader and representatives of the union and employer sectors.

De Camps said that this achievement, more than being of the ministry he heads, is the whole country and the business and union sectors. “We have reached this agreement at a time when the productive sectors are in the midst of an economic crisis.

A 19% for large companies, which subsequently will be the salary of 21,000 pesos. A 59% increase for medium-sized companies to 19,250 pesos. A 20.2% increase for small companies, 12,900 pesos, and 11% for the newly classified micro-companies with salaries up to 11,900 pesos.

“We have overcome inflation, which has affected us greatly. Today we overcame inflation. We have achieved a salary approaching a real salary which is the aspiration of the President of the Republic,” said Gabriel del Rio, representing the union sector.


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