Suriname: Edgar Sampie: “Department of Education has blundered”

ABOP MP Edgar Sampie believes that the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture has blundered in restarting the education process in the interior. In conversation with Suriname Herald, he indicates that it has once again become apparent that education in the interior is being treated like a stepmother.

He refers to an announcement from the ministry stating that pupils of the glo schools must register for school tomorrow, but that instructions will follow at a later stage for the restart of the educational process in the interior.

Sampie wonders why the schools in the interior can never start at the same time as the rest of the schools in Suriname. He calls it an annual phenomenon.

According to the former youth representative, there have never been specific guidelines for continuing the education process during the lockdown period of schools in the interior. “Now that the measures have been relaxed, are you coming to tell me that there are still no guidelines for the interior?” Sampie wonders.

These developments are of great concern to him. He would like to see the ministry provide more clarity on this. Sampie regrets that the level of development of young people in the interior is continuing to decline in such a way.


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