NYC: Teen gang member fatally shot in the Bronx was trying to leave Crips, pal says

The 13-year-old gangbanger who was shot dead amid a raging Bronx street war wanted to leave the Crips in the days before he was killed, grief-stricken pals told The Post on Tuesday.

“Two weeks ago we was with him, and he was telling us how he was tired of this gang stuff. He wanted to get some money and get out of the ’hood,” said a 16-year-old female friend of Jaryan Elliot, the Crips member who was fatally shot Sunday in revenge for a gang slaying four days earlier.

Jaryan’s pal lamented that gangs are so revered in the area that her little brother boasts he’s in one, even though he’s not.

“He is only 10 years old. He is saying that he is in a gang,’’ she said. “He thinks it’s cute, but I tell him he is not in no gang. He is only 10 years old.”


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