Jamaica: Say a prayer for Baby Shavian

Always wary of living in penetrable board houses during upsurges in gun violence, Sherray Barr and her infant child had sought refuge away from their Sunlight Street, Kingston 13, home that is in the cross hairs of gang violence.

Barr and the child only returned to their home on Sunday to be close to the Maxfield Park Health Centre for her six-month-old daughter’s appointment Monday morning.

That decision had tragic consequences, Barr must have thought, as she rushed to the emergency room at Kingston Public Hospital moments after men with high-powered guns sprayed a house full of women in a late-night attack on Sunday.

Baby Shavian Thomas was struck in the head by a bullet.

Even as Barr sought to emerge from the house to seek medical attention, she had to get flat again as the assailants pumped more rounds into the house.


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