Jamaica: Government targets 20 restorative justice centres

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck says the Government plans to increase to 20 the number of restorative justice centres established across Jamaica.

Addressing the virtual launch of the restorative justice facilitator training programme on Monday, Chuck also announced plans to establish one facility in Maverley in St Andrew North Western and another in the constituency of St Andrew South Western, at the request of the members of parliament for those areas.

Justice centres, which have been established in every parish, are equipped to handle matters related to child diversion and restorative justice as well as dispute resolution, among other justice-related issues.

They also serve as a point of contact for custodes and justices of the peace.

“The Ministry of Justice is committed to make restorative justice a major part of the work that we will be carrying out and we are doing so because we have seen that it is successful,” Chuck said.


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