The 26 best new productivity apps for 2021

While the coronavirus pandemic is easing, remote work isn’t going anywhere.

That means it’s still important to find your own ways of staying on task and keeping organized, even if you’re not heading back to the office full time (or at all). Great apps like the ones here can make work feel more tolerable, and all of them are either new or had major updates over the last year. Check them out if you need help getting out of a productivity rut.


A less-messy Gmail: As an answer to all the cruft that Google’s email service has built up over the past 17 years, Simplify Gmail is a revelation. The web browser extension centers your inbox so it’s easier to read, hides Google’s unnecessary app buttons, and tones down distracting colors. It also blocks email trackers, lets you separate emails by date, and offers a beautiful, full-screen composition window. Its $24-per-year subscription fee (after a free trial) is a small price to pay for a more peaceful inbox.


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