Suriname: Road to West Suriname restored

The road to West Suriname, from Apoera to Zanderij, has now been restored. The road can again be used freely. The work that started three weeks ago has now been completed. The road had become impassable due to the heavy rain of recent months. Many companies and society were affected by this and this meant less income for this group.

District commissioner Marlene Joden van Para had found some entrepreneurs willing to take the road. Economic activities have taken off as a result of this cooperation between entrepreneurs and the state. With the repair work, we can again speak of activity between the villages and companies.

In addition to the rehabilitation of the road, two bridges, the Sparie and Coesewijne bridges, have also been restored. The bridges were in a very bad condition. The restoration of these bridges and the road will ensure that economic activities in those areas are resumed. From now on, trucks can again cross the bridges, but the people who work in gowtubusi can also use the road again.

The rain is still a bummer in the rehabilitation work. If the weather continues to rain, the road could be in bad shape again. It is therefore advised that citizens drive carefully on the road.

The entrepreneurs want to carry out more projects with the district commissioner, but the ongoing rain has put the projects on hold.


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