How to answer the age-old question: Could this meeting have been an email?

We’ve all attended meetings—virtual and in-person—and wondered to ourselves, “Why am I here?” In a recent study from SurveyMonkey, 32% of respondents found themselves thinking that a meeting could have been an email. Yet, meetings go on, and employees are tired of them, says Brian Kropp, chief of research in the Gartner HR practice.

“[Our] research shows hybrid employees who have seen an increase in the amount of time spent in one-on-one meetings with their peers are 1.37 times more likely to feel emotionally drained from their work,” he says. “More alarmingly, 40% of hybrid or remote employees report an increase in the length of their workday in the past 12 months. More meetings, in turn, creates more employee fatigue.”

Before you create that calendar invite, ask yourself if a meeting is the only way the information can be shared. These are four circumstances when a meeting may be best:



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