Suriname: Control Anti-money laundering program must be at the highest level

The government wishes to have the management of the Anti-money laundering program at the highest level. It has therefore been decided that the Anti-Money Laundering Steering Council (ASC) National Risk Assessment will be placed at the highest level, namely under the leadership of the president with the presence of the vice president, ministers, governor of the Central Bank of Suriname (CBvS) and the Attorney General. President Chan Santokhi announced this yesterday during the installation of the ASC and the Project Implementation Unit (PIU).

He emphasized that the implementation, monitoring, coordination and implementation of the Anti-Money Laundering Program should not only be driven from the highest level, but that implementation will also require action in Parliament.

Structure policy
Laws will have to be initiated quickly, which is why the council has been asked to appoint representatives. There has been a lack of understanding for this, but the head of state believes that good communication structures must be developed so that people know what it all means.

He describes the installation of the PIU and the ASC as a very important matter. This establishes a structure for directing the anti-money laundering policy and implementing measures to prevent Suriname from any decision that could involve black- or greylisting.


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