Suriname: Casino association thinks reopening is responsible

The Association of Casino Owners in Suriname (VCS) believes that the increase in vaccination coverage, the special protocols and MoHaNa rules should make the reopening of the casinos possible. The application of the protocols and MoHaNa rules has already proved its worth, the association writes in a letter to President Chan Santokhi and Health Minister Amar Ramadhin.

The VCS is currently working on an inventory of the exact vaccination coverage. The provisional figures for vaccinated persons now appear to be above 60 percent. An increase is noticeable every day. The association understands protecting the health of citizens and relieving the pressure on the healthcare system and staff. However, the crisis asks for economic activities and normalization of social life, our citizens for incomes and relaxation and the government for tax payments and employment.

The letter also states that the government will have to accept the challenge to find a balance. The VCS calls for a rational and non-polarizing search for solutions that take the above issues into account.

Lockdown measures not successful
According to the VCS, it does not appear that the lockdown measures have led to positive results. According to the games of chance organisation, locking up social, societal and economic life leads, in addition to impoverishment, to the feeling of wanting to be together. That is what happens. The government is unable to carry out the necessary controls with its enforcement agencies, which are necessary to successfully implement the lockdown measures.


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