NYC: New Yorkers wade through underground lakes as subway stations flood

Taking the subway? Make sure to pack a lifeboat!

Heavy rains caused titanic-level floods at several Big Apple train stations Thursday — forcing some desperate New Yorkers to wade through subterranean lakes just to get on with their commute.

Shocking video showed a woman walking into waist-deep water as she attempted to reach the platform at the 157th Street No. 1 train station in Washington Heights.

The “pour” straphanger had water up to her ankles as she descended the stairs — before she plopped into the underground pond. She continued moving, undeterred, holding a shopping bag over her head.

Another commuter at the same waterlogged station was also caught-on-camera trudging through the subway pool on his way out. Video showed him moving through knee-deep water, a plastic bag on his head.

“Yooo the 157th St station is underwater,” one person wrote on Twitter, along with video showing a deluge on the street above the train stop.


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