Haiti: Of two Haitian-Americans arrested in Moise killing, one was ‘very close’ to opponent

James Solages, a Fort Lauderdale-based entrepreneur, is among the six suspects arrested so far in President Jovenel Moise’s assassination, according to Mathias Pierre, minister of elections and inner-party relationship said. Within moments of the name making news, scores of Haitians said on social media that Solages used to work as a security guard for both Reginald Boulos and Dimitri Vorbe, two of Moise’s opponents.

On social media, multiple people said Solages has worked as a security guard in Vorbe’s and Boulos’ businesses.

When reached for comment, Boulos’s public relations team asked where The Haitian Times had heard the information. They later wrote in an email that “Mr. Solages has never worked for Mr. Boulos, according to their records.” A message sent to Vorbe through his Facebook account had not been returned as of this filing.

Solages describes himself as the CEO of Fwa Sa a Jacmel Avan charitable organization. He is a former chief commander of body-guards for The Canadian Embassy in Haiti, according to his About Me page on Fwa Sa site.


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