Suriname: NDP and BEP groups want emergency meeting on new energy tariffs

The factions of the National Democratic Party (NDP) and of Brotherhood and Unity in Politics (BEP) have asked assembly chairman Marinus Bee to call an emergency public meeting about the new energy tariffs. The groups find it necessary to schedule a meeting because of the announced increased energy rates that will take effect on 12 July.

The groups argue that as of June 9, the government announced the new shockingly increased energy tariffs, which should come into effect on July 1. After fierce protests from the National Assembly (DNA) and society, this increase was stopped.

Now the government has worked out a new proposal, without DNA and society being properly informed and that it already wishes to implement it as of 12 July.

However, the newly elaborated proposal again lacks a thorough and transparent substantiated cost price calculation. According to experts, the cost price used is much too high, while it could be lower.

In addition, new energy rates must be established in accordance with the 2016 Energy Act. The information also shows that the proposed tariff structure will also severely affect the manufacturing sector.


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