Suriname: ECD closes stores after discovering violations

Several shops were closed in the past week by the Economic Control Service (ECD) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation (EZ). During the audit work, the Ministry officials found that no prices had been indicated on several goods.

Basic goods such as onions, yellow peas, garlic, flowers and salt were not marked with a price in a shop on the Molenpad. In addition, expired products were also found in this case. At two shops on Kasabaholoweg, goods such as potatoes, white sugar, flour, soft drinks, juices, bread and bales of toilet paper had no price indication.

According to Article 7 of the Price Indication Decree (SB 1998 no. 15), the retailer is obliged to adhere to the price indication of goods that are offered for sale in Surinamese dollars. The indication of the prices on the goods is mandatory.

The shopkeepers were summoned for an interview, during which they were informed which violations had been detected and which sanctions apply. In most cases, a fine is imposed. In the event of violations, an official report is drawn up by the ECD.


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