Trinidad & Tobago: Third suspect to be charged in Kadijah Flament’s death

Investigators are expected to visit the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions for instructions on how to proceed against a third suspect in the death of mother of one, Kadijah Flament.  

The 30-year-old nurse is expected to be released from St Ann’s Hospital where she was sent to undergo psychiatric evaluation. 

Yesterday, Faith Ramsubagh, 18, of Green Hill Avenue, Tarodale, and her brother Kyle ‘Iron Beast’ Delande, 27, appeared virtually before Senior Magistrate Armina Deonarinesingh in the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court. 

Faith was charged with Flament’s murder.  

Her brother was charged with knowingly concealing or assisting in concealing the body. 

The two were charged by PC Jaggesar. 

Flament was reported missing on June 10. 


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