‘INSENSITIVE’: Transport operators rap Gov’t over toll rate increase

‘Insensitive’ is how members of the Transport Operator Development Sustainable Services (TODSS) have described the Government after new toll rates took effect on the weekend.

TODSS, which represents taxi and minibus operators, said the new toll rates show that the Government has no concern for the plight of transport operators.

”Why do we as a sector continue to suffer like this? Why are we not recognised as an important staple in the sustainable growth and development of the country? Is it because we are the lowest denominator in the economy?” TODSS questioned in a statement on Monday.

”The sector is silently grieving at this time. The increase in toll fees has now allowed us to be a lamb to the slaughter,” TODSS said.

According to the association, it is impossible for its members to survive.

“The only thing we can do is to continue to urge the Government to recognise the sector as a group in need of a bailout at this time, as the yearly toll increase is like a millstone around the necks of the over 700 operators who use that space,” it said.


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