Suriname: God’s Trumpet disapproves of swabs and rapid tests at church visits

The 75 churches of the Church and Ministry of God’s Trumpet Ministries in the different districts will not participate in the pilot that the government wants to carry out before July 11 to reopen church services to believers. The possibility of facilitating training for members of religious organizations who have a medical background will be explored for this pilot. These trained members would then be able to perform COVID-19 rapid tests. These should then be taken from visitors to the places of worship.

“Swabs and rapid tests will never be allowed in the Churches and Ministries of God’s Trumpet Ministries International. No earthly government will come to determine for us what the terms/conditions will be, to enforce our fundamental right, enshrined in Article 18 Chapter 5 of the Constitution of the Republic of Suriname,” said Bishop Steve Meye in conversation with Suriname Herald.

Personal integrity
In that article mentioned above, there is no condition whatsoever. In addition, the constitution, the BUPO-treaty and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights also clearly state that everyone has the right to self-determination to their personal integrity, said Meye.


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