Jamaica: ROAD TOLL – Jamaica escapes direct hit but Elsa pounds Clarendon, St Catherine

Jamaica was spared the full wrath of Tropical Storm Elsa on Sunday but state authorities are already forecasting significant damage to the island’s road infrastructure, with sections of Clarendon and St Catherine appearing to have suffered the worst blows.

The tropical storm warning in effect for Jamaica was lifted on Sunday night as Elsa continued to move farther away from the island and towards Cuba and Florida.

“This means that the threat of tropical storm conditions no longer exists for the island,” the Meteorological Service said in its final bulletin released at 8 p.m. Sunday.

It said that at 7 p.m., the centre of Tropical Storm Elsa was located near latitude 20.2 degrees North, longitude 78.7 degrees West, or about 209 kilometres (130 miles) north-northwest of Montego Bay, or 160 kilometres (100 miles) south of Camaguey, Cuba.


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