Suriname: Residents Road to Atjoni devoid of internet and calling

Residents who live along the Weg naar Atjoni have been unable to use the telecom providers Telesur and Digicel for days. In conversation with Suriname Herald, they indicate that they can no longer call from last weekend. They don’t know what’s going on. It is important for residents that the range on the telephones is optimal again.

“My son tried to call me, but he couldn’t reach me. He had to drive all the way here to see what was wrong with me. This is not a healthy thing, because we live far from Paramaribo,” says one resident On. Another resident complains about activating the internet, but cannot use it. “I am at a loss because I will not get the money back from Telesur.”

Telesur director Mike Antonius indicates that the power supply of the NV Energiebedrijven Suriname (EBS) in the area of ​​Atjoni has been damaged by gold miners. “It is the people who are illegally mining gold in the area that have damaged the EBS cable. We depend on the EBS,” says Antonius.

The residents have been without internet from Sunday and the range to call from both Telesur and Digicel has been lost. Eugenie Haynes, Head of Marketing at Digicel, noted that their provider in the area was not down. She admits that when it rains the range does fluctuate, but otherwise the range should be stable, she says. According to the residents, that is not the case.


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