Dominican Republic: Hydrodegradable casing, a venture that dilutes in water

More than 88,000 million plastic wastes are generated in the Dominican Republic. However, only 22,000 are somehow processed, representing a severe environmental problem and a matter of concern for environmentalists.

With this situation, Ricardo Cavada and Patricio Cabezas’ innovative business idea is very different from the current reality. They have created hydrodegradable bags, which disintegrate when in contact with cold or hot water, depending on the product.

It is simple to understand how Ricardo and Patricio’s venture works. Imagine that you take daily vitamins, the kind that is covered with capsules. They disappear in your body and what really works is the medicine. Precisely, those capsules are the raw material for the hydrodegradable bags that these environmental care enthusiasts developed together.

Ricardo and Patricio, when presenting their project to Listín Diario, commented that it is not that a product containing water will make the bag disappear instantly, but that when this bag goes to the landfills, the sea, the ravines, or the rivers, it will disintegrate with this natural resource without contaminating or expelling toxins.

Unlike Ricardo explains, plastic bags or any other biodegradable bags take up to 500 years to disintegrate; hydrodegradable bags disappear when they reach their final destination in approximately two to three months.


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