Why this founder is all in on a multigenerational workforce

Full disclosure: I’m a Gen-Xer running a company that focuses on Instagram and TikTok. 

Yep: I was born before the advent of the Web, mobile and social, but I’ve built a business focused on platforms whose primary user demographics skew toward generations younger than me. 

It makes perfect sense that our company, in particular, seeks out talent who fall into the Millennial and Gen Z categories. But I do believe it’s vital for any business—forget tech, social media, or startups—to build a cross-generational team to maximize its potential.

This isn’t a kumbaya vision of inclusivity: there are tangible business benefits to embracing diversity of age and experience on your team. A World Economic Forum study found companies that invest in a multi-generational workforce benefit from greater productivity, retention and upskilling.


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