Trinidad & Tobago: Grandfather of SEA student sues Amplia for cutting service though bill was paid

A Penal grandfather whose grandson is due to sit the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) examination on July 1, has taken their internet service provider Amplia to court after his service was cut although his daughter-in-law paid his bills.

Justice Eleanor Donaldson-Honeywell granted an interim injunction compelling Amplia to immediately restore Roopnarine Jaggernauth’s service, pending the hearing and determination of the claim before her.

She also ordered that Amplia should be served by e-mail to its human resources manager and on its messenger account on its Facebook platform.

Jaggernath, 76, is claiming his internet service was unlawfully disconnected.

His claim explained he was the original holder of a bmobile internet account. He said sometime after, Amplia began sending him receipts. He said although he was never told of a switch, his daughter-in-law, who paid the bill for him, was told the account was now an Amplia account.


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