Suriname: Too little known about Surinamese culture

Too little is known nationally about Surinamese culture. This is what Sherwin Valies, policy advisor at the Culture Directorate, says. This department of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture started publishing a monthly magazine about various cultural developments in Suriname last month. The second edition was published this month. The monthly magazine is called ‘Wi na Wan’.

The intention is that Surinamese will learn more about each other’s culture. We all live in a multicultural society. We need to really learn from this multicultural society,” says Valies.

For the time being, the monthly magazine is only published in Dutch. The magazine will also be published in other languages ​​in the near future. Different topics will be discussed regarding the culture of the Surinamese in each district.

Historical topics will also be covered in this monthly magazine. It will not stop at a monthly magazine, but other projects will be developed to give culture a permanent place in society.


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